WPD Drones Program

The Whiteland Police Department implemented a Drone (unmanned aerial vehicle) program in 2023.  The use of drones by the department can help officers respond to potentially dangerous scenes without putting a human officer in danger.  Drones can be used to investigate and document crime/accident scenes, assist with tracking fleeing suspects, colleting discarded weapons/drugs, track K9 Officers on foot pursuits, and with locating missing children/people.  WPD Drones can also support surrounding law enforcement, public safety, and rescue operations within Johnson County and other jurisdictions that may request assistance.  

WPD Reserve Program 

The Whiteland Police Department Reserve Officer Program began in 2003 and was formed for helping to reduce crime, reduce the fear of crime, and maintain public safety.  Reserves also assist with special events including parades, the Community Day event, and school sporting events. 

Some Reserve officers are seeking experience and taking a career “test-drive” before pursuing fulltime jobs in law enforcement.  Others have chosen to maintain their existing careers while contributing their time to provide a valuable and meaningful service to the community.  The WPD Reserve Officer Program has seen multiple Reserve Officers hired to full-time positions.  

Each Reserve Officer completes a 40 hour “pre-basic” training course taught by our training staff, prior to ever working a shift. After the pre-basic course, the Officers are required to complete the department field training program which consists of four phases and lasts an average of 6-8 months before they are released to work on their own. Officers are then carefully monitored for six months to determine if any follow up training and education is appropriate. Reserve Officers are also required each year to obtain the same 24 hours of continuing education training as our full-time Officers and must work a minimum of 12 hours a month.

Field Training Officers (FTOs) are carefully selected by the Chief of Police from the full-time Officer staff. They are selected for their knowledge and dedication to their careers. FTOs are required to have a minimum of three years of experience prior to training new Officers. The Officer in training must be evaluated by the Chief of Police and the FTO staff, as they reach the final phase of the program.

The WPD Reserve Officer Program is supervised by Sergeant Derek Cox and currently has Two (2) officers in the program. 

WPD Reserve Officers play an integral part in our department in supplementing and supporting our full-time operations. 

Child Safety Seat Checks

The Whiteland Police Department has a Certified Child Passenger Safety Seat Inspection Technician on staff.  They will evaluate the way that the child is currently traveling, check the child's current restraint for recalls, proper fit and proper installation.  The parent/caregiver is instructed on how to property use and install the child restraint.  There is no cost to get this inspection and is a great opportunity for any expecting or new parents, grandparents or caregivers to make sure they are being safe. 

Contact the department to set up a time to get you seat checked or explore the Safe Kids site for more information.  

Items Accepted:                 

  • Prescription medications (including controlled)
  • All over-the-counter medications
  • Ped medications
  • Vitamins & supplements
  • Medicated ointments, lotions, creams, and oils
  • Liquid medication in leakproof containers 

WPD is not currently adding Officers to the Reserve Program.  Visit the WPD Employment Page for current openings.

____Specialized Department Services____

Prescription Drug Drop Off Program 

The Whiteland Police Department participates in the National Prescription Drug Take Back Program and is a drop off location for you to turn in your unused or expired medication for safe disposal.  This service is free and anonymous, no questions asked.  This initiative addresses a vital public safety and public health issue.  Medicines that languish in home cabinets are highly susceptible to diversion, misuse and abuse.  Rates of prescription drug abuse in the U.S. are alarmingly high, as are the number of accidental poisonings and overdoses due to these drugs.  Americans are now advised that their usual methods for disposing of unused medicines - flushing them down the toilet or throwing them in the trash - both pose potential safety and health hazards.  Bring your pills for disposal to the WPD drop box located in the lobby of the Whiteland Town Hall at 549 Main St. 

*Please contact the Johnson County Health Department at (317) 346-4365 for information on properly disposing of Sharps.  


Items NOT Accepted:                 

  • Needles/Sharps *
  • Syringes with needles *
  • Aerosol Cans
  • Inhalers
  • Thermometers
  • IV Bags
  • Bloody or infectious waste
  • Personal care products
  • Hydrogen Peroxide 

Notary Services 

The Whiteland Police Department can provide Notary Services during normal office hours of Monday thru Friday, 8am-5pm (closed 12-1pm for lunch, weekends & holidays).  You do not need to set up an appointment and there is not a fee for the notary service.  You will need to bring a valid State ID or Driver's License with you and make sure the document is not signed until you are in front of the Notary.

Please contact the station at (317) 535-8100 for any additional questions.

2024 Monthly Meetings

Time: 6 pm

Location: Whiteland Town Hall

Thursday, June 20, 2024

Thursday, July 18, 2024

Thursday, August 15, 2024

Thursday, September 19, 2024

Thursday, October 17, 2024

Thursday, November 21, 2024

​Thursday, December 19, 2024

2024 Special Events

Town of Whiteland's 

Community Night Event 

When: Friday, July 26th

Time: 5 pm-9 pm
Location: Park next to 

Whiteland Fire Department


National Night Out Event

When: Tuesday, August 6, 2024

Time: 6 pm-8 pm 

Location: WCHS

WPD Trick-or-Treat Event

When: Thursday, October 31, 2024

Time: 6 pm-8:30 pm

Location: Whiteland Town Hall 

WPD Bicycle Patrol Program

The Whiteland Police Department Bicycle Patrol Program was established in April 2019 thanks to a monetary donation received from Victory Church.   

The program was created after the Town of Whiteland created a 1.6 mile paved walking trail in town. 

The Patrol Bicycles allow the Officers to monitor safety on the trails and residential neighborhoods, promote bicycle safety, and interact with residents outside of their normal patrol vehicles. 

Say ‘Hello’ to the Officers when you see them out pedaling around town!

Whiteland Police Department

WPD Police Cadet Program

Considering a career in law enforcement?  Ever wondered what it was like to be a police officer?  JOIN US!

The WPD Police Cadet Program has been developed to give insight of law enforcement  careers to the youth of the  Whiteland & Greater Whiteland Communities.  The program is administered by Police Officers who strive to be role models and mentors for participants, as well as providing them with an introduction to public safety to determine if law enforcement is the right career path for them.  The WPD Police Cadet Program provides participates with instruction of practical knowledge and experience in law enforcement, life skills, citizenship, character education, and leadership experience.

Police Cadet program participants will receive basic knowledge of the field of law enforcement thru classroom lessons, demonstrations, and participation in hands-on training activities. Guest speakers and trainers will be brought in to assist with trainings and instruction.  Trainings will consist of Leadership Skills, the K9 program, Drug Prevention and Identifications, Self-Defense Tactics, and a variety of other law enforcement subject areas to include: Crime Prevention, Criminal and Traffic Law, Accident and Crime Scene Investigation, Firearms Safety/Marksmanship, History of Law Enforcement, Patrol Procedures, Radio Communications, Traffic and Crowd Control, Juvenile Delinquency.  Cadets will also have Ride Along Opportunities and will assist the department at Community events with traffic control, crowd management, and community outreach.

Those interested will need to meet and maintain the following requirements of the program:
- Resides in the Whiteland Community, or resides in the Greater Whiteland Community and attends a Clark-Pleasant Community School (including Central Nine)
- Between the ages of 14 & has completed the 8th grade ~and~ 19 or a currently enrolled high school senior
- Able to give a commitment to attend meetings, events, and are willing to volunteer their time to participate in program events
- Possesses integrity & a good moral character
- Are in good standing at school and with the Whiteland Police Department
- Has a satisfactory G.P.A. of 2.0 or higher; are able to meet the expectation of maintaining a satisfactory G.P.A. in school that will be randomly checked

Recovered, Held, or Seized Property 

For information on picking up property that was recovered, held, or seized, you will need to contact

the WPD Property Room to set up an appointment to get your property released.

Seized evidence, as well as some recovered property, 
will require a court order to be presented prior to release.

In order to pick up any type of property you must present one of the following:

- current valid state-issued Driver's License

- current valid state-issued ID card 

- US Military ID card

- US Passport

- In order to pick up someone else's property,

you must make contact with WPD first

For firearms,

you may also be requested to provide Proof of Ownership.


You can submit an online request here

to contact Sgt. Cox of the WPD Property Room

or call the office at (317) 535-8100

                                                  WPD K9 Program

                                                             The K9 program began in November 2018 at the Whiteland Police Department.  The program was established                                                                           after recognizing the addition and use of K9s being valuable to various procedures currently in use for                                                                                     responding and working incidents.  K9 officers are an important component of expanding the department's                                                                               procedures and enforcement objectives due to the mobility, stealth, adaptiveness, and heightened senses;                                                                               along with their ability to help facilitate crime prevention and assist law enforcement operations. Police dogs                                                                           are smart, loyal, watchful, and protective of their handlers.  They are usually the first ones to put their lives on                                                                         the line and go into a dangerous situation to protect their fellow officers. 

              WPD K9s are dual-purpose trained, meaning they are trained to perform a variety of tasks.  These tasks include apprehension, detection,                            tracking, articles, and area search.  K9 officers receive daily, monthly, and annual trainings and certifications to keep all training skills up to                        date. 


Retired K9 Officers:

VaderImplementing the K9 program with WPD, Vader was the first canine for the

department and was partnered with Officer Doss.  He joined WPD on 11/21/2018 and

retired on 3/27/2022.  Vader's hard work paved the path for the future WPD canines

and the K9 program.  In November 2022, Whiteland's Dog Bark was renamed

'K9 Vader Bark Park' in recognition and appreciation of his service.    


                                                                                              On Duty K9 Officers:

                                                                             Riggs- joining the department on 7/18/2022, Riggs is an all black German Shepherd

                                                                                              with a Halloween birthday.  K9 Riggs is partnered with Corporal Doss.