If you desire a copy of an incident report from the Whiteland Police Department, a completed copy of the report is usually available within two (2)                                                                                              working days from the date of the incident.  

                                                                                The Records Division is available during regular business hours to provide police reports, photo CD, and video upon request. 

                                                                                All public records requests must meet the criteria set forth in the Indiana statute ( IC 5-14-3) governing the release of public records. 

                                                                                Certain protected information contained within a public record may require redaction and could delay the delivery of the information or require an                                                                                            additional cost.  

                                                                                ​The methods for obtaining incident reports and submitting payment are:


Request Online:You can submit your request using the online submission form below and follow up with payment online,

in person, or by mail.  Your request will be emailed to you after both the request and payment is received.    

Payment Online:You can make payment for your request online with a debit/credit card using the payment link below. 

Card payments do incur a processing fee.  

In Person: 
Request In Person:  You can come into the station during regular business hours 
to request and receive your report in person.  

Payment is due at that time.

Payment In Person:You can make payment for your request in person using cash, money order, or debit/credit card, processing fees apply.

By Mail:
Request By Mail:  You can mail in your request to the department.  You will need to 
provide sufficient information for your report to be 

located.  Such as report number, date of crash, location of crash, names of the driver(s) and/or vehicle owner(s).  You will also need to

include a self-addressed, stamped envelope or provide an email address for returning the report to you.  Payment will need to accompany 

your request.

Payment By Mail: You can mail in the payment for your request using money order, business check, or you can make payment 
online with a debit/credit card, processing fees apply.  

Request By Phone: You can make your request via phone by calling the office during regular business hours.  Payment will be 
collected by phone at that time or payment can be made in person, or by mail.  Your request will be emailed to you after payment is received.  If you would like the report mailed to you, you will need to include a self-addressed, stamped envelope

with your mailed in payment.  

Payment By Phone: You can make payment for your request by phone with a debit/credit card by calling the office during regular 
business hours.  Card payments do incur a processing fee.

Cases that are currently Pending with the Prosecutor's Office or are Under Investigation may not be available at time of request. Please contact Administration with questions regarding request.  
(Please be aware that additional fees may be assigned for Redacting Costs.)

____Incident Report Request____

WPD can only provide reports for cases in our jurisdiction.

Please ensure your request and payment is for a case number that resembles #W00-00000

Records Request Fees Chart

Incident Reports$5.00 per report
Accident Reports$5.00 per report
PhotosContact Administration on Cost
Video/Body Cam FootageContact Administration on Cost

Reprint of Incident/Accident

Report or Ticket Citation

No Charge

(any payments made with a debit/credit card will have a processing fee)



Whiteland Police Department