Lifesaving Award

2023: Matthew Kegeris, Jeremy McKinney, Emily Vautaw, & Brian Webb

2022: Kenny Polley and Chris Wilcher

2017: Jared Donica

2016: Brian Smith and Chris Speer

2015: Derek Cox and Tyler Croy

Otto Lewis Outstanding Law

Enforcement Officer of the Year Award

2023: Kenny Polley

2022: Chris Wilcher

2021: Brian Webb

2020: Scott Doss and Vader

2019: Derek Cox

2018: Brian Smith

2017: Todd Pershing

2016: Rick Shipp

2015: Tyler Croy

Whiteland Police Department Employee MVP Award
2023: Julia Meece

2022: Julia Meece

Whiteland Police Department Employee of the Year Award

2016: Roberta Groves

____________Mission Statement____________


____________Meet the Chief____________


     Full Time:                                       Civilian Full Time:                                   Part Time:

One Chief of Police                   One Administrative Assistant              Two Reserve Officers

Two Lieutenants                                                                                      (ten authorized by ordinance)

Two Sergeants

Eight Police Officers

One Canine 


The Town Council has set a policy, through the 

adoption of the Department Mission Statement; 

mandating community based policing, specifically 

with a “hometown” atmosphere in mind.

Further, due to the limited number of Town

employees, our officers are occasionally called

upon to handle situations that may not typically

fall within the purview of urban police officers. However, this is the “policing atmosphere” our citizens expect from our Police Department. Thus, we strive to truly be a full service agency. 

____________Town Council Board Members____________

Rick Shipp
Chief of Police

____________Department Personnel____________

The Whiteland Police Department has evolved from a one-man full time force with on-call Reserve Officers in 1996 to the thirteen full-time Officers & two Reserve Officers force that exists today.  

Whiteland Police Department

The Whiteland Police Department exists to serve our community in a variety of ways and to maintain acceptable social order. Specifically, our purpose is to encourage a spirit of cooperation, respect, fairness and compassion within the community.

We are committed to provide our Town with community-oriented law enforcement to protect life and property, by providing a “commitment to excellence” to the citizens and visitors of Whiteland.

The members of the Whiteland Police Department are dedicated to providing the highest quality police services in order to enhance community safety, protect life & property, and to reduce crime & the fear of crime.

To the end, we pledge to develop a partnership with the community, lead a community, commitment to resolve problems, improve the safety & quality of life in our town by identifying and resolving public safety concerns. We further pledge to build and maintain the public trust by holding ourselves to the highest standards of professionalism in our job performance and ethics. 


____________Department's Mission____________

I would like to take a moment to introduce myself, to explain my beliefs,

and my qualifications. Born and raised in Johnson County and I am a

1973 graduate of the Whiteland Community High School. Brenda, my

wife of 46 years, and I have raised our two sons in the Whiteland area,

with both of them also graduating from Whiteland Community High School.

I believe that law enforcement's first duty is to protect and serve while

giving the best protection while maintaining the safety of families and

their personal property. I am a strong believer of family values. Responsible

family values being taught at home is irreplaceable, however law

enforcement can assist families by being a positive presence in the schools

and community.

I firmly believe that my 39 years in law enforcement has given me the

experience to lead the Whiteland Police Department. Serving in the areas

of SWAT, accident investigation, and the training of new police officers. This

work provided me the opportunity to attend various schools in areas of hostage situations, advance accident investigations, instructor development class, and gave me good tools to utilize in my career as a law enforcement officer. My experience has allowed me to obtain the knowledge in areas such as management, budgets, personnel, and public relations while demonstrating good leadership in all areas.

My years in law enforcement have allowed me to see the challenges officers face while serving growing communities and that quality leadership is a necessity. I stand firmly committed in the demonstration of leadership, while at the same time, building professionalism within the department. I can assure you that I am an honest man that will take a simple and direct approach to law enforcement.  One who will serve with passion and dedication while holding on to the small town family values that our community needs .

My professional objective would be to increase community involvement, increase public relations between the officers and the community, maintain the police department within a responsible and conservative budget, develop a good working relationship with other emergency response agencies to better protect and serve the community and unify the departments, and encouraging teamwork and camaraderie while building moral. 

Rick Shipp

____________WPD History of Town Marshals____________


Richard Hill, President                      Brad Goedeker                  Joe Saylor


Tim Brown, Vice President               Debra Hendrickson

1886-1964     Thomas Wood1964-1997Otto Lewis

Joe Dorrell1997-1998Gene Pettijohn

John Barmun1998-2003Louis Phillips

Frankl WilkinsJanuary 2003-November 2003 (interim)Chris Mattison   

Jake WrightNovember 2003-February 2005Joe Pitcher

Samuel Benefield              February 2005-June 2005 (interim)Jason Davis

J.B. WhiteJune 2005-March 2012Gary Neeman

George HornerMarch 2012-May 2012 (interim)Dave Lowe

N.R. TracyMay 2012-PresentRicky Shipp

Tom Carson

Leonard Yaste

W.D. Brown

Abner Carson

W.L. Perkins

Wash Draper

P. T. Brown

Chester Brewer

John Collins

Rolla Ditmars

Jess Bennett

Clyde Shephard

Frank Rice

Otis Tearman

James Lambert

Andy Stillabower

Walter Thomas

Murl Allen

Charles Tearman

Dick Wood

____________Department Awards____________